El Cielo

The El Cielo Cozumel Beach is not only called like that because it looks and feels like a real paradise, but because of the large number of starfish that have made this soft and white sandbank its home. You only have to put on a visor, snorkel and fins and swim a few meters to contemplate a spectacular scenario. You may also have the opportunity to see stripes that seem to go up the flight between the stars.

It is very important to emphasize that you must not touch the starfish, because the mere fact of doing so can kill them. It may be tempting to take a selfie with them, but you put the life of this species at risk.

Up to this point located at the southern tip of the island, near the Palancar Reef, you can only arrive aboard a boat and accompanied by a certified guide. Here the water level is low, in some points it even barely reaches you waist-deep. El Cielo Cozumel is the ideal place to relax with a drink in your hand while you contemplate the nature that surrounds you.

It is said that this activity can be done by people of all ages, since you will have a captain and a guide who will take care of you. Likewise, the price of the activity includes snorkeling equipment, water, drinks, fruits and a snak for when you return from the activity.


Archaeological Zone of Muyil

Just 20 minutes from Tulum is Muyil, this place offers us a unique experience, it is not only the magic of the archaeological zone that is in the middle of the jungle or its different lagoons that are connected by channels, Muyil is more than that, the energy that keeps this place is unique.

Site that stands out for the natural beauty of its lagoons. Muyil and Chunyaxché, located within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, declared a Natural World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1987, is a particularly attractive place for those interested in appreciating Mayan archeology and enjoying contact with nature.

It is believed that in the past, Muyil was a seaport built by the Maya to favor the commercial activities of the area. It is one of the 20 most important archaeological sites for its size and quantity of architectural remains.

Enjoy a cultural immersion with a local guide touring each of the buildings, including El Castillo, the structure of greatest importance and height, for its architecture is believed to be intended to represent the Ceiba, the sacred tree of the Mayans; Go into the jungle of the reserve crossing the “sak be” (white road in Mayan language), and finish the journey in the crystal clear waters of the channels. Let yourself be carried away by a relaxing experience.

After discovering a bit more of the history of the Mayans, you will walk through an interpretive trail, where you can observe different flora and fauna characteristic of the area. Zapote, rocket and ficus, is only part of the flora that houses this jungle. In addition to that you can see up close different water eyes from which fresh water emanates.

Underwater Museum

The project began after in 1997 by the sculptor Jason DeCaires Taylor, a cruise ship crashed and destroyed much of the coral reef Punta Cancun, so alternatives were sought to attract tourists. This is how the idea of submerging concrete structures to preserve the reef that today is in very good condition arose.

Currently these mysterious statues are covered with algae and coral polyps, the plan worked, and Cancun is now home to the largest artificial reef in the world.

The National Park located between the waters of Cancun and Isla Mujeres is one of the most visited in the world. Each year hundreds of thousands of tourists swim in these waters, which generates an environmental impact on the reefs and the life that is generated in them.

By placing these pieces of marine concrete, MUSA promotes the generation of life and, therefore, the recovery of natural reefs. In addition, the load of visitors in the natural reef is directed to this museum, diminishing the impact generated in past years

The museum is divided into two Galleries: Manchones and Punta Nizuc. The sculptures in Machones are located 8 meters from the surface, so diving is recommended for a better appreciation of the collection. In Punta Nizuc, only snorkeling is allowed, since the pieces are only 4 meters from the surface.

Soon pieces will be placed in Punta Sam.
Marvel at the more than 500 sculptures that the MUSA has permanently submerged. Examine the sculptures set at the bottom of the sea in an area of more than 420 square meters with its more than 200 tons of art.

A tour of the Underwater Museum of Art of Cancun is a good alternative, especially if you like to practice diving or snorkeling. These sculptures do not affect the marine ecosystem of the area because they are made of neutral PH concrete, the idea is that they attract algae and marine life in general, so that they begin to have a life of their own quickly.

Punta Sur

Explore mangrove forests, wetlands and Mayan archaeological sites. Discover the rich history of local sailors at the Punta Celerain Lighthouse and the navigation museum.

In Punta Sur, a virgin beach (no large buildings), it has all the necessary facilities to spend the day without worries. It has a restaurant, a small palapa where you can rent a snorkel equipment, bathrooms, parking, snacks, lounge chairs.

To complement your visit with a little history and culture, in Punta Sur you can visit the Cultural and Navigation Museum. This simple nautical museum is located in an old lighthouse built during the Porfiriato and covers the history of navigation and signage from pre-Hispanic times to the present day.

You can appreciate the best panoramic view of Cozumel, from above the Celarain Lighthouse. If you are passionate about photography, here you will go crazy, where you turn there is a beautiful view: on one side a perfect horizon of the Caribbean Sea and its multiple shades of blue and on the other the huge Laguna Colombia surrounded by tropical jungle.

In Quintana Roo there are few places where you can contemplate a sunset on the beach. Due to its location, in Cancun and the Riviera Maya you can not see the sun falling on the sea, however, as Cozumel is an island, it looks very beautiful. It will be the last thing you do in Punta Sur Park as they close early.

Aspects to invest in Playa del Carmen

In a paradisiacal place like the Riviera Maya, the positive aspects for the decision to buy a property increase even more, because who does not want to live or have a property in such a beautiful place with so many possibilities?

Whether you want to buy your own home to live with your family, or a property to rent or commercially exploit, one of the best places is the Riviera Maya. In this place there are important masses of national and international tourism of all levels, who find here an oasis where to vacation, rest and perform any type of recreational activity, while enjoying the best and most beautiful natural landscapes.

The infrastructure that the Riviera Maya has to receive tourism is first class, and highly valued all over the world, that understands that in a place like this the best services are offered, since there is also a high competitiveness, which requires improvement day to day all the imaginable aspects in said services.

The incredible landscapes that can be seen here in the Riviera Maya are appreciated worldwide, and that is an extra value that makes the properties in the Riviera Maya are the most sought after. In addition, the great influx of tourism makes this a very favorable place for the development of business of all kinds, with more than interesting perspectives.

In addition, around the Playa de Carmen surroundings are the ancient Mayan pyramids of Tulum, as well as other incredible archaeological sites and magnificent jungle reserves, Playa also offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere, with some of the best golf courses in the world, restaurants, stores and entertainment. The second largest coral reef in the world is also located a few meters from the coast (like the island of Cozumel), which means that this is also one of the best places in the world to dive and snorkel.

Cha´an Ka´an in Cozumel

“Cha´an Ka´an” was the name chosen by the Cozumeleños. Cha´an Ka´an means: Observe or enjoy the sky. The Mayans, through astronomical observation, obtained scientific knowledge that still surprises us because of their precision and with that they governed their life, religion and culture.

During the tour the tourists immerse themselves in the Mayan worldview, knowing the meaning of the ceiba and its relationship with the underworld, the earthly life and the celestial vault; also, visitors receive a talk about the meaning of the glyphs, and then make one that they take back home as a gift. At the end of the tour, the Mayan warrior waits for the classic “remembrance” photo.

To seal the visit, they live the experience that only gives the Dome of the Cozumel Planetarium with the movie “Maya Archaeoastronomy: observers of the universe”. Projected in English and Spanish, the totally Mexican production is a visual and sensory journey through five archaeological sites in the Mayan Riviera; Uxmal, San Gervarsio, Chichen Itza, Edzna and Bonampak.

The Cozumel Island Planetarium, Cha’an Ka’an, has state-of-the-art technology which includes a Digistar 5 system with 6 projectors that are capable of transmitting 3D and 2D images in a 360 ° projection area, this type of Technology will allow the visitor to see the solar system, constellations or even other galaxies uniquely in Mexico and Latin America. There are also exclusive screenings or films for Domo.


Considering in living or vacationing in Playacar? This private development which started in 1979 offers much more than you imagine.

Playacar is divided up into 2 phases. The first Phase is smaller with few hotels and the second phase is larger including golf, houses, condos, bird aviary park, small shopping area and several all-inclusive hotels.

Mayan Ruins in Playacar? Yes, there are Mayan ruins in Playacar. They are not huge but interesting to walk by and take some snapshots. They are open to anyone in Playacar and there is no charge for them.

The beaches in Playacar are very nice because they are wide and not too crowded.

Even from within Playacar there is limited access to the beach if you are not staying at one of the all-inclusive hotels. This does not mean you cannot use the beach, you just need to find access to it first.

The main roads in both Phases are nice to bike and run next to. There are sidewalks on both sides of the road. Biking is supposed to be limited to the inside loop of sidewalk. So, make sure you follow the rules.

The roads and landscaping are all manicured and taken care of. Playacar has private security that drives around, and you will see them scanning checkpoints (often markers in trees) to indicate they have passed a certain point.

There is a park in the backside of Phase 2 that is well designed and a great place for young children to play. It is called Park El Árbol and Xaman-Ha Bird Sanctuary.

There is a tourist shopping plaza that even has a Starbucks. It is only for tourist though and has the typical souvenir items for sale.

Hotels offers the advantage of being in a secluded area of Playa Del Carmen but also close enough to the center of Playa Del Carmen to walk or take a taxi to enjoy the entertainment and restaurants.

Punta Laguna Monkey Sanctuary

Punta Laguna is well known for being the home of the spider monkey and the saraguato. A Mayan community has preserved this place for many years.

Some of the activities that can be carried out are:

Observation of the spider monkey: due to the location it has, Punta Laguna is the home of this species of monkey, which is more feasible than the afternoons because the mornings are sold for food and even after a while they return home. You can take pictures and sometimes even accompany you throughout the journey.

Participate in Mayan ceremony: At the beginning of the tour, a Mayan shaman, a small ritual like those that were done in the past, in which to request the permission of the gods of the underworld and the earth to enter their properties; Here you can see a part of the Mayan culture and its traditions.

Canoeing: Knowing the surroundings of the lagoon and then reach the zip line and be able to slide in it by going over it.

Rappelling in the cenote: This is a very daring experience but it is worth living, that at the end of the descent you bathe in the fresh and crystalline waters of it.

Visit the archaeological sites of the area: Up to now, 6 of these structures have been found and although they have not been rescued, the guides have identified them. In addition, the tour can also be seen from a cave with an open water mirror, in which the monkeys take refuge to drink water or rest.




Playa del Carmen as a destination

Playa del Carmen has had a huge growth in recent years, many people every day decide to live in this paradise of the Riviera Maya, and if you still can not decide, here are some points to finally make a decision.

  • As a consequence of the increase of its population and tourist flow, Playa del Carmen now has roads that allow you to reach different places faster without having to detour to Cancun. Escape the weekend to Holbox, Valladolid and even to Merida arriving in a few hours.
  • Once you find the perfect place to live on the beach, your concern will be that visitors know more tourist sites than you. Prepare your agenda and program escapes to cenotes, such as Dos Ojos, Aktun Chen and Azul or to the surrounding natural parks. You can even go to beaches with less tourism, including Akumal, which is famous for the presence of turtles.
  • The climate of Playa del Carmen has a pleasant warmth and perfect for going to the beach or in a pool. It is the Caribbean and a tropical area so just enjoy it, you will like that you will not feel high temperatures.
  • Playa del Carmen has a more relaxed and casual nightlife. It is on 12th Street where the main bars and nightclubs for different tastes are concentrated, all very close to each other. Coco Bongo, Blue Parrot are some of the most popular sites.
  • If you like exercise and outdoor activities, Playa del Carmen promotes a lifestyle in motion, in addition to all the options of outdoor activities and water sports such as snorkeling, diving, paddle surfing, kayaking, you will also find from gyms , yoga studios, crossfit, salsa classes and public places where anyone can take advantage of the fresh air in the early morning to exercise without problems.