The Cheese along the history

It is said that the creation of the cheese was made accidentally by a shepherd, who had to ferment the milk, it was coagulated and out of necessity or out of curiosity, with the help of a little salt and natural weather agents began to experiment, until you get to create the first cheese.

It is considered the appearance of cheese as food in our diet, as the oldest there is. It is even believed, that livestock appeared before any type of crop.

The elaboration of the cheese surely was discovered by diverse communities at the same time. The sheep were domesticated 12,000 years ago and in ancient Egypt cows were taken care of and milked for milk so it is logical to think that they would also make cheeses. The milk was kept in containers made of leather, porous ceramics or wood, but since it was difficult to keep them clean, the milk fermented quickly. The next step was to extract the whey from the curd to make some kind of fresh cheese, without curdling, with strong and acidic flavor. Legend has it that an Arab shepherd returned to his dwelling with the milk of the sheep inside a bag made with the casings of one of his lambs and that after walking in full sun, when opening the bag the milk was curdled, solid, made cheese. According to Greek mythology, it was the Gods of Olympus who taught humans how to make cheese, and these made observations as to see that the milk after a certain time was congealing, the influence of temperatures in this process milk curdled faster and if when the milk curdled solidified and the liquid was poured, the curd became more consistent and in this state could be conserved more time.

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