Cobá is an archaeological site located east of the town of Cobá, east of Chichen Itzá and northeast of Tulum.

Some hieroglyphic inscriptions found on stelae and panels on the site allow us to affirm that Cobá was the original name of the city. One of the possible meanings and the most accepted one, given its proximity to the lagoons, is that of “chopped water”.

Several groups of structures are scattered in Cobá and many more are planned to dig (only 5% of their structures have been unearthed). The highest pyramid is called Nohoch Mul, 43 meters high. Once you are at the top, there is also the possibility of observing the jungle landscape with amazing shades of green, trees, butterflies, birds and insects.

The largest structure of Cobá and that you can still climb has 111 steps, plus another 5 to the highest area of the pyramid from where many people take pictures and admire the beauty that the jungle encloses.

After having toured the archaeological zone you can cool off in the cenotes that are to its surroundings as the cenote Choo-Ha which is located 10 km from Coba, inside are stalactites. The Cenote Tankach-Ha of deeper waters of the place and the Cenote Multun-Ha where you will be able to observe stones under the platform well-heeled giving the impression of being Mayan ruins.

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