Majestic Flamingos

Rio Lagartos is famous for the 20 thousand pink flamingos that arrive to the place between January and September to complete its reproduction. But it is also the place where the sea turtle arrives between June and August to lay their eggs in the warm sand. In the same way more than 250 varieties of birds periodically arrive at the aforementioned reserve, making the place an incomparable destination for bird watching.

Fans of ecotourism and scientific observation of the species can admire the flamingos but at a prudent distance. That way they will not disturb the birds and will avoid disturbing them so that they do not collide with each other or hurt their young when they flee.

In recent years, about 15 thousand flamingo nests have been reported in the Ría Lagartos natural reserve by the authorities, which is equivalent to more than 30 thousand of these birds protecting their eggs, especially the first chicks that have emerged from the shell and that are emerging as the future of this beautiful species. Many pink flamingos that live in Rio Lagartos fly to different parts of the Yucatan peninsula, but also reach Texas, Cuba and Florida.

There are several tours and boat rides to observe the attractions of the area, including the flamingos of the Caribbean in all its splendor. Its majestic flight in pink flocks that contrast with the beautiful blue of the Caribbean sky is a spectacle that every ecotourism enthusiast must live in life. In the same way, they can be appreciated, very carefully and stealthily, while feeding in the estuaries of the wetland.