What are the common myths about the real estate business?

The real estate is considered an exciting prospect for the hopeful agent, buyer and investors entering the real estate business. The market or property management is considered an oyster unless someone falls victim to the myths that plague both the sellers and buyers.

To ensure that you do not fall into the trap of believing distinct myths related to the real estate market, mentioned below are few of the common misconceptions for newbies in this profession.

Real estate experts become rich fast:

Most people think that real estate is a profession where you can get rich quickly, however on entering this profession they are likely to be disappointed. Being a real estate agent genuinely mean that you put the requirements of the clients ahead of your needs including your income requirements. There are times when this becomes challenging, in case if you enter the profession that is undercapitalised.

Real estate investment is only brick and mortar:

The real estate industry today presents a great number of opportunities in hospitality. This entire sector is growing at a rapid rate so as to meet the ever changing preferences of folks in today’s world.

Paying the rent is like throwing away money:

Owning a particular home is like a financial liability as money is taken out of the pocket every month. Rent is supposedly not throwing away money. Renting in most cases makes sense. Before the processes of buying add up to your closing costs of maintenance, immobility, opportunity cost etc. You must run the numbers that the sales agents do not wish to run.

Getting the clients and a steady income is very easy:

Having a balanced stream of the clients is the most difficult part. The real job of an agent is not just selling homes but marketing themselves in person and answering the valid questions. “Why must someone select you out of all other agents around town? Only at the point when you have a clear cut answer to a particular question then you will be able to clearly communicate in the market.

The new agents do not have the requisite know how:

Being a new agent, it’s common for clients to perceive you as not having the experience and the required know how. On the contrary you can assure them that you can provide better customer service, and train yourself faster because you are well driven and have a stringent purpose. The basic truth is that when you are supposedly new, you tend to try harder to prove yourself efficient, to the others and to yourself in particular.

The market will forever rise:

The real estate is cyclical as well as seasonal. When the market looks good, it is supposedly good. And when it is bad, then it is really very bad. And it is definitely slow in Q3 and Q1, and hot in Q4 and Q2. In a real estate market, the things happen very slowly, like turning round a battleship and things appear disastrous when it is really terrible.

Being a landlord is a full time job:

A basic myth is that when you invest in the real estate, it is all consuming. This generally used to be right, but now it isn’t. The task of the landlord that genuinely used to be exceedingly time intensive like handling maintenance, collecting the rent, screening and finding of the tenants – it all can be well handled with definite software. Managing and owning a property can also be done in your spare time, enabling you to hold up a part time or full time job.

There involves only one way to get all started:

Most folks believe that the only way to start off is by joining a traditional real estate work and brokerage for the commissions as a contractor who is independent. The companies out there can conduct things in a distinct manner enabling agents to put their clients first.

Flipping the houses is how you can build the wealth:

Flipping houses can make good TV material but renting is effective way to build wealth. Flipping implies more risk and less return in most of the cases than holding the assets for a long term.

How to Manage the Property You Own When You Live Far Away From It?

Trusting your valuable home investment with the tenants is said to be a difficult step. At the time, when you reside far away from your owned property, being the landlord is said to be a challenging task. Most owners generally worry whether things are moving smoothly in their owned property. Their constant struggle to stay informed about their property without squandering on travel bills – is a thing to worry the most. This is because, if any problem comes up, it is tough to manage the legal issues and repairs from miles away.

However, successful long-distance landlords have achieved results by creating a trustworthy team of local vendors and neighbors, screening tenants through a plan of action for all property maintenance and inspection, maintaining open communication with the tenants, providing convenient rent payment options, familiarizing themselves with local laws, and protecting themselves with good insurance and a strong lease agreement. The basic key to a positive flow of cash without stress management for the landlords living away can be witnessed in the guidelines given below:

Get a team which is trustworthy:

You must work with an efficient team, who are trustworthy in all crucial levels of the business. You must have a good list of vendors with whom you have interacted personally so as to ensure smooth running of maintenance issues of your rental property. You are also likely to gain an advantage if you have communicated well with your community members and the neighbors situated near your property. You do not know when you will face the requirement of an accountant, lawyer, painter and cleaning crew. The neighbors always are termed as an excellent resource to convey the information regarding a suspicious behavior or notice in reference to your property.

You must avail a local connect:

An operator located at a long distance will surely figure out some level of success if he has a pal or companion residing near his property upon whom he can effectively rely. This is the pal who can assist you in all ways, to conduct the overall routine inspection, complete checking and can display a vacant unit in case you are not available to do so.

Automate the payment of rent:

Residing away does not mean the collection of rent will need to be a complicated process. You can definitely ask for the rent to be mailed or transferred to an account.

Alternatively, contemporary trends are tracking and collecting of the rent through online channels. The online payment of the rent is convenient for the renters and extremely reliable for the landlords located at a distance.

You must effectively prioritize the inspections:

In case, if the tenant has an idea that you are located away, they might be tempted to slack away on property maintenance and cleaning. Routine inspection of the unit enables you to keep a check on the property condition.


You must keep an open channel of communication so that the renters do not feel avoided or neglected. At the start of the outline of the tenancy, you must contact your tenants via email, text or phone. You must effectively ask them regarding their preferred method of communication.

Get the best tenant:

Each and every landlord generally craves for a great tenant, the ones who pay timely rent and keeps the overall place effectively clean, does not complain much about general issues like water leaks and other issues.

The only manner to avail a renter who is trustworthy is by screening the tenants to assess the tenant’s history and financial stability. You must check the entire potential by viewing the tenant’s report, income sources, previous rental references and the other records in order to investigate any criminal offense before you finally sign the lease.

If the steps listed above make the long distance landlord function in a troublesome manner, you can always consider hiring a property manager to keep a check on your rental property. Property manager are always familiar with the local laws, perform routine inspections, manage maintenance efficiently, handle leases and execute tenant turnovers. Property managers typically charge a percentage of the monthly rent or a flat fee per month which you are bound to pay.

Benefits of purchasing an apartment

  • Distinct options for floor plan: The basic advantage of apartment living is that you get an access to the floor plans, according to which you can select from several distinct three, two or one-bedroom floor plan.
  • Self Safety: The apartment complexes provide safety to all the residents living within. The nearby proximity of the neighbors and primary complex safety standards are feasible for children, single women, elderly folks, and families.
  • The community: Other advantages of residing in an apartment are the amiable social implications and attachment that you develop with others. Though a brief sense of community does exist in both the suburban and rural areas, the nearby proximity of the apartment life intensifies the probability of generating connections which are for life.

  • Top class facilities: Unlike owned houses, the apartments located in complexes are considerably structured with particular facilities like the gym, pool, laundry facilities, and convenience stores available on the complex premises or in close proximity.
  • An opportunity to mingle with new neighbors: When you reside in a complex, you generally have a lot of neighbors, which endow you with the chance to meet new people on regular basis.

Find The Perfect Home

Real estate is a land of property consisting of land and the buildings on it. It’s a business of buying, selling or renting land, buildings, or housing. A real estate agent deals with selling and buying properties for clients. Real estate properties such as residential real estate consist of either a single family or co-joined family. While other real estates are for business purposes such as property dealings etc.

Finding a good real estate agent can be a long, tricky process. Buying or selling a home is normally tough, so it is worth it to take the time to find an agent who can ease the way for you. Therefore, take some time to research before making a selection. However, you will have to keep in mind that more experience does not necessarily mean higher quality, moreover, an experienced Realtor will be in demand and may have less time to devote to you. So go for a good Realtor who seems driven and knowledgeable.

Why do you need real estate agent? Quite simple, the listing agent represents the sellers best interests. A real estate agent knows how to find the perfect home for you if you want to buy. And if you want to sell your home or property also, the agent will offer you the best deal by finding the perfect client.

Finding a perfect home can be hard and tricky sometimes if you want to find out by yourself. But with the right agent at the right time, you can find the perfect home and sell your property as well. Who would not want to buy a nice home, with a perfect greenery view, river side view, facilities of transportation like a big City.

Top 5 Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agents For Buying/Selling Homes

You probably know about what a real estate agent is. Some of you even made deal with an agent for buying/selling home. Those who don’t have the experience of buying/selling home or properties with a real estate agent, do you exactly know what a real estate agent is?

What is a real estate agent?

Real estate is a land of property consisting of land, home, buildings on it; and real estate agents are the professionals who always have the source of finding buyers and sellers for buying or selling home or properties. In other words it’s a business of buying and selling properties and homes.

Agents perform different duties, depending on the deal they made with the buyer/seller. Moreover, they have vast knowledge about the prices of properties in the market place. Therefore, their duty is to advice clients on how to price the house for selling and buying. Moreover, they can provide you many tip so that you can benefit from the deal you are making. The top benefits are:

1)Finding suitable and available homes

An experienced real estate agent is most likely to know about the inside and out of the real estate properties deals and availability of homes even if they are not advertised. They will find a perfect home considering clients preferences. Overall, working with a real estate agent gives you access to homes which are not available on line or advertised.

2)Handling important paperwork

Another benefit from using a real estate agent is, they save your time by handling paperwork which are essential for buying and selling home. Yes, you heard that right, a dedicated agent basically help you in this matter. The paperwork may include little details like written paperwork which was not included in the sale. It is important to have someone who knows inside and out about market price, paperwork etc.

3)Provides free home evaluation

Who would not want to benefit from free home evaluation? A real estate agent company accurately holds a sale price. The free home evaluation includes information like neighborhood amenities, locality, traffic conditions and other essential facilities. Beside this, the free home evaluation also includes tax issues, how bank appraisals work, current financial status, tips and tricks to save money etc.

4)Closing the final deal

After choosing the right home to buy or making the final deal to sell your home, you need to go through some paper work to close the final call. It’s nice to have someone who can help in handling the final call smoothly. A reliable real estate agent could be that someone! An agent can handle all the troubles for making your deal smooth. Overall, a real estate agent watch out all the expected troubles that usually happens in making a business deal of buying and selling home. Most importantly, they make your task easier in finding the right dealer and save your time, energy and effort.

5)For pricing the exact value

Real estate agents basically have a keen eye for home pricing for buying and selling. Therefore, they are expert in setting up a price the minute they make a deal. They have huge knowledge about the up to date market prices and know whether the specific house is overpriced or underpriced. Therefore, they come in very handy if you want a profit from buying or selling home. Collectively, a good real estate agent can provide you all the important data for putting up the right price for your home.