El Cielo

The El Cielo Cozumel Beach is not only called like that because it looks and feels like a real paradise, but because of the large number of starfish that have made this soft and white sandbank its home. You only have to put on a visor, snorkel and fins and swim a few meters to contemplate a spectacular scenario. You may also have the opportunity to see stripes that seem to go up the flight between the stars.

It is very important to emphasize that you must not touch the starfish, because the mere fact of doing so can kill them. It may be tempting to take a selfie with them, but you put the life of this species at risk.

Up to this point located at the southern tip of the island, near the Palancar Reef, you can only arrive aboard a boat and accompanied by a certified guide. Here the water level is low, in some points it even barely reaches you waist-deep. El Cielo Cozumel is the ideal place to relax with a drink in your hand while you contemplate the nature that surrounds you.

It is said that this activity can be done by people of all ages, since you will have a captain and a guide who will take care of you. Likewise, the price of the activity includes snorkeling equipment, water, drinks, fruits and a snak for when you return from the activity.