Tortugranja Isla Mujeres

Located on south of Isla Mujeres we will find the Turtle Farm, better known as “Tortugranja”, a project funded by the government and donors, with the objective of protecting giant sea turtles. The Turtles for many years have come to the soft sand of the island to lay their eggs and because they are clumsy in their walk on the sand, they were easy victims for the hunters who captured them to obtain their meat, shell and eggs.

In your visit you can feed the small species that are in piles placed in the central part of the aquarium, as well as around you can admire other species such as: fish, sea horses, snails, urchins, among others.

On the outside there is an area where there are other batteries a little larger where you will see larger turtles, and in the back you will discover that there is an area where they keep the rescued eggs and that they are waiting of its hatching.

The Isla Mujeres Turtle Farm is located in the south of the island, on the Sac-Bajo highway, about a kilometer north of the beach. The entrance has a cost of $ 20.00 pesos, there you can buy small bags with food for the turtles if you want to feed them, for a cost of $ 20 pesos.