Valentine´s Day Around the world

Saint Valentine was a priest, who lived in Rome in the year III
In this same place ruled the Emperor Claudius II, who decided to prohibit the celebration of marriages for young people, because in his opinion singles without family were better soldiers, since they had less ties.

The priest considered that the decree was unfair and challenged the emperor, secretly celebrating marriages (hence it has become popular that Valentine is the patron of lovers). The emperor realized what happened and imprisoned him. An officer wanted to put him to the test. He challenged him to return his sight to his daughter Julia, who had been born blind. Valentin accepted and returned his sight.

Pope Gelasius I appointed on February 14, 494, the first official day of St. Valentine, the holiday was included in the traditional liturgical calendar and was celebrated by the Catholic Church in the following 15 centuries.

San Valentin is celebrated all over the world, with different customs and called  by different names by example:

in Argentina it is called Valentine’s Day, and the union between couples is celebrated. It is not usual to send cards or hearts

in Brazil it is the ‘Dìa dos Namorados’ which is celebrated on June 12. Couples exchange gifts and cards.

In Central America it is known as the Day of Love and Friendship. They offer roses, chocolates and small details that show love and friendship.

in China they are based on the lunar calendar which is the seventh day of the seventh month. called The Qi Qiao Jie (day to show the skills’).

in Japan, the woman gives the man she loves truly the honmei choco (favorite chocolate). The men return the favor a month later, on March 14, a celebration known as White Day (‘white day’), in which gifts are often given white.