Throughout history

A day like today, but throughout history there were many events that you might like to know:

April 4, 1920: Arab nationalists attack the Jewish population in Jerusalem, initiating a series of violent disturbances that mark the beginning of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

April 4, 1926: after crossing the South Atlantic, the Spanish crew of the Plus Ultra hydroplane return triumphantly.

April 4, 1949: in Washington, twelve countries sign the North Atlantic Treaty, thus creating NATO.

April 4, 1958: in London, a demonstration of 10,000 people against the atomic bomb creates the pacifist movement.

April 4, 1959: the Sudanese Republic and Senegal form the Federation of Mali.

April, 1961: in Cuba the OPJM (Organization of Pioneers José Martí) is founded.

April 4, 1962: in Cuba is based the UJC (Union of Young Communists).

April 4, 1968: Martin Luther King Jr. is killed by a sniper in Memphis, Tennessee.

April 4, 1969: at the San Lucas Clinic in Houston (Texas), the first implant of an artificial heart is performed.

April 4, 1973: The World Trade Center opens in New York, United States.

April 4, 1975: in California (USA) Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded the Microsoft software company.

April 4, 1981: in Dublin the group Bucks Fizz wins for the United Kingdom the XXVI Edition of Eurovisión with the song Making your mind up.

April 4, 1997: 21 countries of the Council of Europe sign the agreement on Human Rights and Biomedicine, which includes the prohibition of cloning human beings.

Holy Week

In different parts of the world the passion of Jesus Christ was remembered in Holy Week. Acts laden with symbolism replace masses that are not officiated as a sign of mourning.

People from all over the world have joined the celebration and some countries celebrate it:

Nicaragua: is one of the most important festivities in that nation of Catholic tradition. The Spanish conquest spread Christianity at the hands of the Franciscan and Dominican missionaries who imposed on indigenous religions although the religious syncretism of America deeply marked the customs of the Nicaraguan people. Although Holy Week is celebrated in many cities, the festivities of Granada and León stand out, tourist capitals highlighted by their colonial architecture, a large number of neoclassical and baroque churches and a rich heritage of sacred images.

Australia: On Good Friday (April 18) all businesses will be closed, it is the only day of the year when there are no newspaper sales. During the season of Holy Week there is also the Sydney Royal Easter Show, one of the biggest and most popular shows of the year.
The Sydney Royal Easter Show is a national icon in which everything that is Australian is celebrated, from our country heritage to the latest shows and technological advances. The show lasts 2 weeks, from April 10 to April 23 during the Easter school holidays. Every day starts at 9.00 in the morning and ends at 9.30pm, usually culminating with fireworks in a grand finale every night. This show really has something of interest for everyone.
Although this festivity is used from the commercial point of view, since the shop windows show the most incredible models of pastry: eggs, rabbits, chickens and even chocolate kangaroos. Regardless of the theme in which the store specializes, there you will find the most delicious Easter symbols.

United States: there is room for the practice of all religions, however, the members of Evangelical Protestant Churches are the largest religious group in the United States, followed by Catholics, who are, mostly, of Hispanic origin, Irish or Polish.

Italy: Italians celebrate Holy Week with processions and ancient rituals. Even if you are not a believer, it is worth seeing the processions that cross the streets of many towns and cities involving devotees of all ages.

Jerusalem: where Holy Week makes the most sense, and where it is most fervently celebrated. There, visitors who travel to the Holy City, can visit the places mentioned in the Bible, and attend numerous masses, which will make them transported 2014 years ago.