The Xaman-Ha Aviary attracts fans interested in learning about wildlife, this Mexican bird sanctuary was founded in 1993 and is ideal for listening, seeing and learning about birds.

Every day national and foreign visitors are welcomed. It inhabits a population of 200 individuals belonging to 45 different species. Among this majestic Mexican tropical forest live, eat, fly, reproduce, come and go birds The flora covers a land of just over two hectares has been classified botanically and also part of the rich natural heritage of Quintana Roo. One quality of the park is that it is possible to take photos with triplets, use flash and shoot the birds in freedom or the aquatic ones in the cenotes that are part of this privileged place.

There are people who just want to enjoy Perhaps our guests just want to enjoy the landscape, admire in detail not only the variety of birds and plants, but also meet other species such as butterflies, iguanas and other small mammals that share this space in perfect harmony, as our Mayan ancestors did hundreds of years ago when they baptized this place as Xaman-Ha: “Water of the North”.

The tours offered in the Xaman-Ha Aviary last about 45 minutes. During this time, visitors have the opportunity to obtain valuable information about the plants and animals that inhabit this area of Quintana Roo

Xaman-Ha, in addition to an aviary of great interest, is a fun park that benefits from its excellent location, offering visitors a memorable tourist experience. This site is a true wild refuge where you can find abundant vegetation, as well as two hundred species of native birds and species from other latitudes of the orb.

For ecotourism enthusiasts, a visit to the Xaman-Ha Aviary is ideal, since it allows them to get closer to a pure natural environment. The visit to Xaman-Ha takes a full day, and you can enter and leave the place several times.

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